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My COVID Response:


During this unprecedented time I see many people worried about their jobs and struggling with their finances. I have the capacity to take on a few more pro-bono clients. If you need help, please contact me ASAP for one of these free financial coaching slots. No catch, no come-on, this is not a sales pitch. Just my way of trying to help people get through this crisis.

Hi, I'm Phil Cannizzaro


I help people work with money so they can eliminate financial stress.


Most folks struggle with their finances. I've been there. As a young entrepreneur with a growing family, I've wrestled with that late night anxiety at the kitchen table with my calculator and notepad.


But after securing my own financial future, I found a passion in helping others do the same. I am now a Dave Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach working with people like you every day.


I believe that living debt free is the best path to your financial independence. I'd love to help you achieve that peace of mind.


If you would like a partner to help guide you with your money challenges, I'd love for you to schedule a complimentary call.


Don't waste anymore time.



Helping you succeed... 

Set Achievable Goals

Create a Plan Together

Learn Skills to Work the Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Financial Coach different from a Financial Planner?

To put it simply, a Financial Advisor works with your money. A Financial Coach works with YOU!
As a coach I will help you navigate the complications of debt, mortgages, insurance, estate plans, college saving, investments, etc. You may still need an insurance agent, broker, etc. but a financial coach can help bring it all together in a way that no single professional can.

What does financial coaching cost?

I have a no-nonsense approach to how I price coaching. There is a fair monthly fee and you can cancel any time. We’ll have regular weekly sessions to keep you on track. Once a month we spend more time on a longer session to do planning, and the other times are for checking-in and accountability. I also take calls whenever you have a question or get stuck on something.

What can I expect to get from financial coaching?

We will work on your complete financial wellbeing. Much like an trainer can customize a workout, as a financial coach I will provide planning help, guidance with decision making, support, inspiration, and encouragement. You may think you know what to do, but then why aren't you doing it? I will be your accountability partner in your financial journey.

Is it worth the cost?

Together we will uncover financial directions that can easily lead to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in future wealth. What is a personal trainer worth? They are worth the value of improved health and reduced injury. What is a financial coach worth? It can mean financial security that can span generations of your family tree.

But what if I can't afford it?

Financial coaching is an investment in your future success with money. In most cases I can find the cost for coaching in "leakage" that you're currently spending without even knowing. So ask yourself if you can afford NOT to get coaching!

What if I'm married, does it cost extra for both of us?

No! In fact, the only real way to succeed with money as a couple is to be on the same page. If you're married I will want you both to participate and we'll work up a plan that lets you live your shared dream.

How do I get started?

It's easy! Use the link below to schedule a free introductory call. No obligation and no judgement; just some honest questions to see how serious you are about finally breaking free of financial stress.